In some way we have all been touched by Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and many of us, in times of great despair, have felt hopeless and alone, that is until we found communities like BPDSR.

Each year we invite people to join us in reaching millions of individuals who are desperate for support and hope, by spreading awareness in any way you can so no one person has to suffer one more day.

Here are our top suggestions for sharing our message, “Awareness Brings Hope” during the month of May:

  • Tweeters, Tweet Away! #BPDAwarenessMonth, #AwarenessBringsHope4BPD
  • Organize an event. Talk with schools, PTA’s, community organizations or mental health providers about hosting an event that shares information about BPD and local resources in your area.
  • Google 2017 BPD Awareness and see what others are doing in your area.
  • Set a "Google Alert" for BPD so you can learn about conversations and events that are occurring. Share that information with clients, friends and families in honor of the "recognition" month.
  • Share your ideas with BPDSR or offer your feedback, let us know how you are raising awareness and we’ll share it with our community! Write us at info@bpdsupportandrecovery.org

Join the effort, help change the conversation

Thank you for your support and helping us turn the tide.