Borderline Personality Disorder Support and Recovery (BPDSR) is a local Houston volunteer organization that advocates for people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and their families.


Our Mission: To bring information, hope and support to people faced with the challenges of BPD and Emotion Dysregulation Disorder

Our Vision: To end the stigma surrounding mental health specifically borderline personality disorder by raising awareness, providing accurate information, educating communities and creating a vibrant network of support for families and individuals in Texas.

Did You Know???

BPD is not just a mental health condition that effects adults. Teens can also be diagnosed, leaving many schools ill-equipped to help students who have this disorder (whether diagnosed or not).
Borderline Personality Disorder is actually a "good prognosis" diagnosis because people can recover with the support of effective, evidence-based psychotherapy.

Through the efforts of our dedicated members, BPDSR facilitates programs in various regions of Texas.

Some of our ongoing work includes:

  • Hosting Area Support Groups
  • Publishing A Community Resource Directory
  • Hosting a BPD Awareness Month (May) Campaign
  • Speaking at Educational Events for Community Organizations

For information regarding local resources and suggestions in the Greater Houston Area, get in touch with BPD Support and Recovery.